Frills and such

I don't know if it is a "girl" thing, birth order or simply personality but my daughter has so far been much more of a challenge to raise (yes, I know she is only 4). This isn't a bad thing, it just is. She is a terrific kid just very strong willed and independent. But recently there has been a subtle change.

Over the past few weeks, she has grown into this little girl. She is all about the jewelry, leggins and frills. She loves her lip gloss and sparkles for her face. She is even putting together differen tops and bottoms and creating adorable outfits. It is so fun to listen to her as she plays, "reads" and interacts with the world around her.

She is funny, smart, beautiful and growing into such a great young lady. She is still strong willed but there is so much in her to treasure. Some day I will be glad she can hold her own. For now, I'm going to enjoy watching her grow. It is all going by so quickly.

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