Don't Leave Home Without A Paddle

The forecast today as reported by Dawn (me) is MORE rain with and abundance of flooding. This has been a very unusual few weeks for weather in Central Pennsylvania. I am not one to really complain about the rain. It is Spring so rain is to be expected. The rain is necessary to bring the flowers, grass and trees to life.

The rain we have had is anything but normal. Day after day. Inch after inch. Flood after flood. It's crazy! This morning we were awakened by a thunderstorm and a tornado watch. I am so thankful that we saw no signs of a tornado. There are many places in the country that were not so lucky.

The heavy rains have caused many problems. Flooding being the big one. Basements are filling. Roads are shut down. I had to skip out of physical therapy early because the water was coming so fast there was no where left to move my car. Getting my son to school was quite an adventure. My husband has spent a total of 8 hours already repairing the damage to our landscaped hill behind our house. Twice the hill has needed to be reconstructed and now he must face the hill AGAIN to fix the damages left by the runoff this morning.

I don't know when we will get back to our "normal" Spring weather but I have a feeling I'm not the only one eager to get it back. I do know I'm glad I am not the weatherman. Hopefully the local weather teams will start having good news for us.

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