Family...bring it on!

Tomorrow after church, my family of four will load up the car and travel almost two hours to celebrate Easter with my extended family. I am so excited to see everyone who is going to be there. I come from a pretty big family. One Grammy, lots of aunts and a great group of cousins. The cool thing is my cousins having kiddos that my kids can play with.

Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve were big family events. Tons of food, laughter, maybe some singing and if the cousins were lucky, it would end in a sleepover at someone's house. We had the "cousin table" and it was so much fun. These are great memories I will always cherish.

Now that we are grown and have families of our own, things are different but I still get so excited to see everyone. Now that our generation has had kids, it is fun to watch our little ones interact with each other. Tonight as the Mini's and I were filling eggs for the Egg Hunt we will have tomorrow, it made my heart smile when my daughter said, "I waited all year to see everyone". Because our generation has moved all over we don't get to see each other very often and I love that my children look forward to playing with their peers.

A home with all of us in it is loud, crowded, full of food and ringing with laughter...and I love it!  I am so blessed.

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