Egg Hunt? Candy Scramble.

This morning we got ready, found some Easter buckets and drove to a local Egg Hunt. The hunt was divided into age groups. Each section marked off by colored tape. The candy and other loot was scattered all over the field. When the buzzer sounded, the kiddos were off to fill those buckets. Within a few minutes the buckets were full and we went home.

Don't get me wrong. I think it is great that this yearly event takes place. I don't buy these foods so its great to have a chance to enjoy a few treats. My question is, where is the hunt? All the candy is laid out for all to see. You just grab as much as you can as fast as you can.

Every year my husband recalls terrific egg hunts he attended through his father's employer. With great detail he shares those many memories. While we had a fun fifteen minutes on an otherwise cold and dreary day, I don't see what the real point is. Maybe if it was called something other than an Egg Hunt, I would not be writing this. Are there still traditional egg hunts taking place? We have a real egg hunt for the kids when my extended family gets together to celebrate Easter. Looking is involved so I think it is safe to call it a hunt.

No matter what it is called. I'm glad who ever planned this "hunt" thought to include Reese PB eggs in the treasure to be found. There were tons of those to go around. Which is great for us because then the hubby and I don't have to feel guilty for eating the one or two the kiddos found.

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