Doing good.

Twice a year my church has a clothing giveaway for the community. This is something I am very involved in from beginning to end. My kiddos have heard me talk about this event and are used to me being gone alot for the week before this event. I have been eagerly waiting for the time when my children could join in and help in some part of this service to others.

Yesterday was the beginning of setup for this project. A group stayed after church to set up the room and start putting out clothes. For the first time my kids were able to help lug bags from the shed into the multipurpose room. I was busy running here and there, doing this and that when I would look around for my kiddos and they were both very busy worker bees. In the moment I was glad because that meant I could keep doing what I needed to do. Now that I'm away from the work, I am so proud of my Mini's. One person stopped me twice and told me that my kids were very good workers.

I love that they were so happy to help and be a part of something where the focus is on others. I pray that my husband and I will encourage our children to love others not only with their words but also with their actions.

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  1. It starts now..at a young age when it becomes ingrained in their moral fiber. I agree 100%. It's not enough to tell your kids to go out and "be good people and do good things". The best way children learn is by watching us and mimicking us..their parents..their first teachers. I enjoyed reading and look forward to more..


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