Crazy For Bosu

I love to exercise.  I am not obsessed with workouts, I have simply learned to love the "me time" that I get while I do something really great for myself.  I have tried most things and genuinely enjoy most types of exercise.   Zumba, cardio interval and muscle works classes are my normal methods.  But I also do step aerobics, kickboxing, pilates and so on. 

Hidden in my living room are a set of hand weights, a 15 lb weight bar, a Bender Ball and a Pilates Ring.  I probably have more than 40 workout DVDs to choose from.  Variety is what keeps me motivated. 

My next purchase is going to be a Bosu Ball.  I have had my eye on these for a while but they are pretty costly ($100) and what if it is just a gimmick, right?  My physical therapist has recently added the Bosu to my regiment and I'm so excited!  I love it!  They say do 20 reps, I do 40.  I figure if I have access to it, I'm going to use it.  I am a believer now.  Squats on the Bosu are my primary exercise.  Talk about awesome!  You can feel your glutes and inner thighs right away.  If you are built like me, this is a very difficult place to work. 

This half ball is great for an all over workout.  You can use it to tighten your abs, work your legs, strengthen your core and so much more.  Now that I've had a taste and I know what I can do with this new "toy" I can't wait to get one of my own.  I'm not sure when that will be so I better start thinking about where I can hide this equipment in plain view, haha!

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