Change It Up

I am a pretty conservative lady.  I find a shirt I like and buy it in 3 colors.  Nothing too exciting here.  The thing is, every so often, I want a change.  I might want a new purse (yes, all my other ones still work, I just want a different one). I may be on the lookout for a new pair of Pj's (some women own too many shoes, I own too many pairs of Pj's).  A new lip color may be my thing.  Or maybe I am thinking about a change in hairstyle.

 None of these things are permanent or a big deal.  My husband doesn't understand this sudden need for change.  He has never understood why I would want to buy a new purse when my other ones are not broken.  He doesn't get that it has nothing to do with functionality and every thing to do with starting fresh. Getting a renewed look.  And of course, finding something new is always fun.  Let me just state for the record, that I usually bring back the "old" clothes, purses, etc. after a time.

So I am wondering, if desiring these refreshing changes are normal or if I'm just looking for ways to spend money.  There are some people who have the same hairstyle for decades.  They may wait until the zipper breaks before they buy a new wallet.  To each his own, right?  But for me, I get bored and look forward to that little bit of change.  Nothing drastic, nothing permanent.  Just something that feels a little different. 

I would really like to hear your opinion on change.  Is it excessive?  Is it normal?  Is it a woman thing?  Do men crave this as well?  Please leave a comment.

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