30% done.

I am an avid reader. I have been in book clubs and before that was always happy to talk about any book with other book lovers. As with most things in our lives, even how we read books has changed. This has led to a change in how we talk about the books we are reading.

Being a book lover, I did not think there was room in my life for an ereader. I want to feel the pages and always be able to judge how much is left of the book to read. But then I used an ereader app on my iPhone. It was actually very handy. I was surprised how easy it was to use and how much I did enjoy it. But considering the screen size, the page swipes were never ending. I decided to try the full sized ereader. I love it for so many reasons. It is lightweight, no matter how big the book. It is cheaper because there is no actual paper printed on. And for someone with wrist problem like me, it actually allows me to read for long lengths of time without any pain.

The funny thing about this new technology is the lingo. And I'm starting to hear it more and more. Instead of referencing a chapter or page number, when talking about a book you are currently reading, you talk about percentages. For example, to quote a dear friend, "I'm really enjoying the book. I am at 30%". It was when she said this to me that I realized this is how we ereader converts now speak. Nothing wrong wih that, I just think it is funny as well as a sign of the times.

What do you think of ereaders? Have you used one? Would you?

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  1. Just got one 2 weeks ago and love it. I went with the nook because it has androidOS so I can ultimately unlock and use it for more things. As far as the reading I love it I can take it to the gym and its not cumbersome to use while on a bike or treadmill. Also its very nice not having to wait for a book to be delivered. When they first came out I thought "wow thats stupid" but I am actually considering buying a cheaper version as a second reader since my wife and I are always having to share the one we own.


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