Who is more dependent, the kids or the parents?

I know parents have travelled with children throughout the ages, I'm just not sure how they did it before the age of DVD players and dsi. I remember long car rides to my grandparents' house. The closer trip (4hrs) I don't recall any special activities. The farther trip (7hrs), I remember stopping at places like Shoney's to stretch our legs. I also remember those activity books that came with the special marker. Somehow, my sister and I survived the boredom. Somehow our parents survived OUR boredom. I'm just not sure how they did it. We are currently at the Cleveland Clinic waiting to visit with my mother in law in rotation. This was a five hour trip. That means my kiddos watched two movies and part of a third. My son had some time with his dsi. I have to admit, they were very good the whole trip but I also have to admit, I don't know how I would have made it in a pleasant mood if they didn't have the distraction of modern technology.


  1. We listened to lots of story tapes (Adventures in Odyssey, Patch the Pirate, etc) and radio drama type things. I read a lot of books on those trips too. Oh, and what's a trip without sibling fighting?

    I also remember my mom tried to get us to play silly games like count the cows and see how many license plates you can find from different states.

  2. That's so true Dawn how did we survive? I remember counting license plates...LOL

  3. We survived because we had no choice. Don't feel bad about using technology... if it had been available when you were little, I would have used it too!



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