Veggies, no bugs please.

I was raised in the suburbs. No real yard to speak of which meant no yard work, ever. We were close to every kind of store imaginable. I have no complaints about the way I grew up. We did not live in the city and we did not live in the country. It was just right. Of course, it was all I knew.
Fast forward many years, I'm married, have one, then two children, a dog and a home with a yard. What a shock to realize how time consuming being a homeowner can be. Mow the grass, pick up after the dog, plant flower beds, maintain flower beds, spread mulch and so on. Then you get to do it all over again.
So what is the point of all this rambling? Well, along with the upkeep of our home, my husband has invested a lot of time in planting a garden. At first, I found this to be a burden that took over our weekends. Afterall, it was completely unnecessary. You just pick up your veggies at the grocery store. Last year, I was a little more understanding and I enjoyed making dinner with the foods from his garden. This year, I am so excited for him to get started. I cannot wait to use the veggies he grows as I prepare foods for my family! What a sense of satisfaction there will be as I make healthy, all natural foods for our family that my hubby had a hand in growing. The kids like to go and help too which I think is a great experience for them. I was sharing my anticipation with my hubby this morning and he asked if I was going to help this year. I laughed and said "no". I may be excited about home grown veggies but there will still be bugs and this girl from the suburbs is not quite ready to take on the bugs.

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  1. I love reading your posts! They make me smile and feel closer to you... the woman you have become.



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