They're back....

It is that time of year again. The time of year that is almost Easter and every where you look, there is a church selling handmade chocolate covered peanut butter eggs. They make other varieties but the only flavor that is a problem for me is the chocolate peanut butter eggs. Luckily for me, my church does not participate in this yearly event.
In case you haven't figured out my problem with these treats, I'll spell it out for you. I LOVE peanut butter eggs. And I love the handmade version because they are HUGE! In this world of bigger is better, I get really excited and I'm sure my eyes get enormous as I begin to search through my purse looking for the right change.

I thought I was doing great because the business that gets me every year, is the Vets office. Looking at my calendar I thought I was going to be spared the temptation because there aren't any appointments in the near future. So I'm going through my week, minding my own business. Doing what needs done. I take my daughter to get her hair cut and as soon as we walk through the door, guess what I see...a beautiful arrangement of chocolate eggs!

I'm not sure what the profits of the eggs go towards and sure it is something very good. At least the chocolate egg season has started so it is that much closer to being over. I am much better avoiding these all together. This is one treat that once I have a taste for it, I can't stop. So, I hope you get to enjoy the egg that you enjoy the most. Maybe you can eat one for me ;)

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