Still angry.

Ok first I will admit it was my responsibility to check before we went and I did not. With that admission out of the way, I'm going to vent. Yesterday afternoon, we were having a nice family day and I thought, let's go see a movie with the Mini's. So I did a quick search for what and when movies were playing at the theater that is minutes from our house. The only animated film was Rango. I had seen lots of commercials on the TV channels my kiddos watch and it started in about 40 mins, so we had a plan. Off we went.

The movie started. There was some funny parts. But the language was awful. I am going to spell it out but know that these are words and phrases not used in our home. These animated animals, bugs and lizards repeatedly said, "what the hell?!" "go to hell!" and "damn!". The first time or two, I raised my brow at my husband as we looked over our four yr old's head. But these phrases were shouted at least a dozen times. That is twelve times too many to me.

You may disagree with me and think that these words are not THAT bad. Or come on, it's 2011, lighten up. My personal opinion is that there is no reason for that kind of language in a movie, especially one marketed to children. As I stated in the beginning, I did not do my homework. This movie is rated PG. I made an incorrect assumption that it would be kid safe.
To those that may argue that it would be fine for an older child, I would respond with the questions, "Why? What does the use of those phrases add to the story line?".

I am very curious to hear your thoughts on this topic. Am I making a big deal out of nothing? Leave a comment and share your thoughts on the matter. Thanks!


  1. I think you're right in being upset. If it was an animated movie it was definitely directed to the young audience. Sometimes when something off-color is said it can go right over the kids without them understanding it but in this case it would be something they might repeat and therefore not appropriate.

  2. Dad and I agree too! Some animated movies are geared for adults but they are usually rated R. I would have thought the PG rating was for mild violence. With the boundaries constantly being pushed these days we will need to make sure to check the reviews before we go to the movies or rent one.

    Dad said "What the (bleep) are they thinking putting cuss words in cartoons!"


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