Friday...what's the big deal?

We spend most of the week looking forward to Friday. Being a stay at home mom, I still look forward to Fridays just like every one else. There are so many reasons to happily greet this morning each week. My favorite reason has been taking place for the past few months.

Fridays are Pancakes for Lunch Day at our house. We love this day. I make different pancakes each week although the kiddos do have a favorite(chocolate chip...can you blame them?). With my son in kindergarden five mornings a week and my daughter at preschool three days a week, we don't get to each lunch together very often. Fridays are one of the two days each week.

Recently, our Daddy has started to come home for lunch on Fridays to enjoy our Pancakes for Lunch Day with us. The kiddos really look forward to this special meal with Daddy. It makes us feel special to share this meal with each other during the day.

Next year my son will be in full day school so I've already decided that we will just have to switch it up a bit to make it work. I think we will be having Pancakes for Breakfast Fridays. Of course, there is always the dinner meal too. I guess it doesn't really matter as long as we keep up the tradition. I am hoping that this is one of those things that my kiddos will look back and remember when they are grown. I desire for this weekly meal to make their hearts smile as they think of the many times we sat around the table and enjoyed our pancakes as well as each others company.

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