Even a child can do it

I love my iPhone. I waited 2 long years for this phone and I don't remember what life was like before I had such technology in my hands. I believe the iPhone is so user friendly, even a child can use it. In fact, probably millions of kids are using it.

I am ok with my kiddos having a few games or cartoons on my phone. This comes in handy any time you are in a waiting room. Although, the downside is that it is just one more game device I have to monitor to be sure my kiddos don't spend too much time in front of "screens".

I am very possessive of my phone. This is mine and not intended for my children, so I do really limit what they can and do use. My four yr old daughter has become more and more familiar with the technology (thanks to several physical therapy appointments each week) and has recently figured out how to use many other features on this phone.

I will be busy doing something when all of the sudden I hear, "click". That sound makes me crazy. I don't want lots of pics on my phone and transferred to my computer that I did not want. (I told you I was possessive). The other discovery she has made is, how to make a phone call. I will look over and she has already placed a call and it's on speaker. She is anxiously waiting to talk to whomever picks up. I have talked to her repeatedly about this. If she wants to talk to someone, let me know. I will call and she can talk to them. No biggie. I have also received some funny replys to emails. My friends are very good natured and think it's great that sent them a message. they can tell it came from my little one because it look something like this...aldekaldyeuwpsjdirh. You get the idea. while I can smile and think what a trip, it needs to stop.

My solution to fight this simple technology is to fight back with technology. I have set a passcode. Now she won't be able to get "into" my phone without my approval.

Does anyone else have any funny stories to share? Let me know.

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